NUDUS is energized by nature.
Nature speaks to all senses, surprises and invites to discover:
A highly aesthetic and adaptive setting in which everything has a function and nothing is redundant.

Our designs strive for the optimal interplay between beauty and purpose to achieve a thoughtful and lasting impact on our communities - now and in the future.

Paleis van Justitie

An exemplary transformation for the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf of an pre-existing complex, which reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes social lifetime costs while prioritizing the health, functionality, and flexibility of its users.

Consortium PvJ (NUDUS, HUB, ABT and Karres en Brands)


The new hub for Utrecht is an inclusive and diverse space that brings people together, activating the larger city center. Inside the building, activity spaces will aim to encourage exploration and "chance encounters" between people and facilitate healthy urban living.

In collaboration with Heatherwick Studio


Three buildings with a total of 24.000 m² create a campus that places a strong emphasis on interpersonal connections and facilitates cross-disciplinary exchange, resulting in a culture of innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurship.

Barcode Architects & NUDUS


Diversity is at the heart of this 19.000 m² wooden high-rise housing in Amsterdam. The seven blocks give the development a human scale and accommodate a diverse community, incorporating varied landscapes, and prioritizing bike-centric design.

In collaboration with krft.


The Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven is a 17-hectare high-tech manufacturing complex, that promotes collaboration and innovation, offering shared facilities, and creates a nature-focused environment.

In collaboration with Van Aken and Felixx Landscape

Utrecht University

The vision for the large-scale transformation prioritizes connections and encounters between people through high-quality design of outdoor spaces and flexible buildings, mixing education, research, enterprises and housing. The proposal aims to create memorable experiences in a sustainable, internationally competitive business environment.


The modular building system meets short-term demand with flexibility, while prioritizing a low CO2 footprint and utilizing natural textures to enhance its surroundings.


The spatial vision for the future biotechnology campus celebrates biodiversity and builds on its rich history to create a coherent identity.


Transformation of a former particle accelerator into a dynamic 7,000 m² research facility for the University of Utrecht. The façade represents its users and reflects the Dutch delta landscape and functions as a smart technical system for a comfortable indoor climate.

Barcode Architects - Dirk Peters & Caro van de Venne

The Muse

Tower in the centre of Rotterdam with a distinct silhouette and together with Casanova making for an ensemble with shared services (guest rooms, sport facility, communal workspace, roof garden) creating a community. An active plinth reactivates the waterfront and urban routes.

Barcode Architects - Dirk Peters & Caro van de Venne


Tower in the centre of Rotterdam with a sculptural character and together with Muse making for an ensemble with shared services (guest rooms, sport facility, communal workspace, roof garden) creating a community.

Barcode Architects - Dirk Peters & Caro van de Venne


NUDUS is an energetic architecture studio that draws inspiration from nature to create site-specific designs that enrich and surprise. Our team of 35 skilled professionals, led by Caro van de Venne, Tim Brans and Albert Dijk, is committed to crafting places that stimulate all the senses.

Our designs are tailored to enhance the site-specific qualities of each space and cultivate welcoming environments that foster a strong sense of community. During our design process, we collaborate closely with experts, artists, clients, and future users to create designs of intrinsic value.

Lonneke van der Palen

Doing more with less, creating purposeful interventions that make the most of available resources; is what we believe in. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that our designs stand the test of time.

We like what we do, our work process is transparent and we go beyond.

Frederico Silverio Marques